Crystal Dream was created by Mario Amegee, Triple World Champion (Alaska 2005 / 2011 / 2014), and one of the best ice sculptors in the world. Located on the French Riviera, Mario lives his passion creating sculptures for numerous public and private events of Menton, Monaco, Nice, Cannes, St-Tropez...


  Dynamic and creative, this ice magician is also invited to major events in Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, China, Japan, Africa... to share his Crystal dream.


Some facts about Mario:


  • He worked for the inauguration of the Turin Olympic Games in February 2006.
  • He illuminated the marriage of Prince Albert II of Monaco and Charlène Wittstock on 1 July 2011 with stunning sculptures of life-size animals.
  • He helped in building ice villages in Canada, USA, China...


  Many event agencies rely on his talent to decorate parties in the presence of personalities such as: Bill Gates, Seal (the singer), Bill Clinton, Albert de Monaco, Kofi Annan, not to mention the ambassadors of gastronomy who admired his work: Chrystophe Le Roy, Joel Garault, Marcel Ravin, Alain Ducasse, Christian Garcia, Le Nôtre...




2nd place at world championship, Alaska
"Swan Lake"
with Dean MURRAY
2nd place at world championship, Alaska
"JellyFish Hunter"
with Vitaliy LEDNEV
1st place at world championship, Alaska
"Heavy Duty Dream"
with Vitaliy LEDNEV, Robert SPARKS, Bradly GROSZKIEWICZ
1st place at London Ice Sculpting Festival, Canary Wharf
"River Life"
with Steve ARMANCE
3d place et Artist's Choice Award au Championnat du Monde, Alaska
"Singing in Unison"
with Vitaliy LEDNEV, Junko LEDNEVA, Speareo STEPHENS
2nd place at world championship, Alaska
"Rebirth of Elements"
with Vitaliy LEDNEV, Egor STEPANOV, Sasha PARFENOV
1st place at world championship, Alaska
"Clock of Salvador Dali"
with Vitaliy LEDNEV, Sergey LOGINOV, Chan KITBURI
1st place at international competition of Russia, Khabarovsk
1st place at world championship, Alaska
"Animal Parade"
with Steve BRICE, Heather BROWN, Tjana RAUKER